YES! Please let us know via email or facebook messages should you need a tax-exempt receipt and kindly attach the proof of payment if donations are made via online transfer.

Currently there are over 600 dogs in the shelter.

Officially started in July 2011.

Within the shelter premises.
6 workers live at the shelter with her and the dogs.

Visitor/adoption day only on Sunday 2-5pm. Reason is Barbara and her workers are busy with day-to-day running of the shelter and care of the sick dogs. However, adoption on days other than Sunday can still be arranged, if must, with Barbara.

YES. Potential adopters should speak to the regular volunteers or Barbara about their preferences to find a suitable dog for their lifestyle. There is no adoption fee. However, a donation at the adopters’ discretion would be very much appreciated.

Dry dog food/kibbles are available all around the shelter. The bowls are topped up in the mornings and evenings and when necessary. Rice cooked with chicken is fed on Mon, Wed, Fri. Puppies and sickly dogs are given special diet.

Newly arrived to the shelter
Mother dogs with young puppies
Female dogs on that go on heat – before they can be sent for spaying
Injures/sick/weak dogs who need special diet/attention

Towels, blankets, Cushions, paddings/beddings (comforter)

Dog shampoo/ flea medicine


Disinfectants/ Bleach

Large/big extra strong black garbage bags

Any type of dog food (any brand)

Rice (any brand)


Chicken meat

Most significant amount is spent on medical bills and food. Overall expenditure runs over RM30k a month
All female dogs will be spayed when they come of age. The status of some of the new arrivals may not be known so they are only spayed once they are detected to be on heat. Some aggressive males will be neutered.
We do not have enough manpower and financial resources to rescue dogs. We are a shelter that can accept rescued dogs base on case by case basis but not perform the actual rescue.
Donate – money/time/dog food or supplies. Volunteer – walk the dogs, play with them to socialise them to human contact, bathe them
Inform the volunteers on duty – Leave your name and contact no. or FB name, the volunteer coordinator will get in touch with you

Level 1: Visit and mingle/ interact/play with the dogs on a regular basis. Help bathe the dogs. Help walk some dogs identified by Barbara or regular volunteers. Get to slowly know the shelter and volunteers and of course Barbara.

Level 2: Help out with duties on visit days. 3 roles – Receptionist, Tour Guide, Bath Day Leader.
Usually start out with Reception duties and as you get to know the shelter more, you can be our Sunday Tour Guide to bring new visitors around the shelter and provide information. Bath Day Leaders need to be able to handle the dogs during bath, able to identify dogs which are well enough to be bathed - may consult/liase with the workers which dogs NOT to bathe.

Level 3: Regular volunteers can help with grooming the dogs, identifying sick/injured dogs/puppies that need special attention. Inform Barbara of any significant findings – use their judgement to help around.

Level 4 : Involved in daily administration such as social media, emails, newsletters, lead road shows at malls or hotels, lead fundraising events outside the shelter and publicity. Those who know 4PAWS well enough and are able to speak to public about 4PAWS’ operation.

Future: Looking into getting an assistant for Barbara at shelter daily – to help answer phone calls, go to the vet clinics, some administration work in the shelter like filing vaccination cards (by name or dates).

There is nothing to bring except maybe spare change of clothes if you wish to proceed to somewhere else after a visit to our shelter. Also bring own drinking water if you intend to stay long to help out. Also as we don’t allow visitors to bring bags into the shelter, it’s better to have pockets on your attire to keep your precious belonging secured with you while entering the shelter. Please avoid clothing that has frills.
Volunteers and donors automatically become members of 4PAWS. However to run for committees, one must have volunteered regularly for the past 6 months and at least once a month at the shelter.



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